All the time in the world….


I thought when I was laid off from my day job, that I would have all the time in the world to do whatever I want. And Iwanted to get organized and clean my house. All the things I have not had the time to do becuse I was always working. 12 years straight, no break. And school at night.  I have been able to fill up all my days with working on things around the house and getting organized. 12 years worth of tangled cords are neatly bundled with rubberbands in a drawer.  Closets are cleaned, walls painted, many forgotten projects dragged out of the garage. I have negelected my online family, all my website babies. I sat down today to write, and I am so tired from all that organizing and cleaning, that I had no inspiration. So I googled inspiration. And to my surprise, definition 2 is “the drawing of air into the lungs”. Oh my god, just breathe!
Breathe in the air……so I am going outside to sit by a tree and breathe. See you tomorrow.  breathe